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Why Nuts?



Almonds are an absolute classic. This versatile nut has been appreciated for millennia, not only because of its very distinctive and pleasant flavor, but also for its delicate scent and for its nutritious oils, often used in beauty products.

If all of this wasn’t enough, almonds are extremely beneficial for one’s health: studies suggest that approximately 1 ounce of almonds features 1/8 of your recommended daily intake of protein. Consumption of almonds is often linked to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, consequently reducing heart disease and cancer risks.


Enjoy them toasted, salted, natural…in tasty meals and incredible desserts!





Hazelnuts are synonym with the Mediterranean. Countries such as Italy, Turkey and Greece are famous all over the world for their longstanding hazelnut production. Even today, the best hazelnuts are handpicked to ensure the best possible quality. These nuts are known for their tantalizing smell and for their crunchy texture. If the smell and the taste weren't enough, hazelnuts are known to be very nutritious, with their high content in fibres and minerals.





The walnut is not only famous for its beautiful and prized wood. This tree produces an edible seed with a unique flavor. These nuts are extremely nutritious: they aren’t just tasty snacks and great complements for desserts, but they are a staple of many health-conscious diets. Particularly, they are rich in potassium and dietary fiber.





The pecan is technically a fruit originating from the Americas. Pecans are highly appreciated for their rich flavor and silky (but crunchy) texture. You will often find pecans within some high-end chocolate products or savory dishes… but we also enjoy them as a snack! Like its "cousins" walnuts, pecans feature healthy doses of potassium and dietary fiber.





The cashew is an extremely popular tropical nut, in spite being very difficult to harvest. The cashew spread all over the world and became particularly appreciated in Asia, where it still is regarded as a great cooking ingredient. Who doesn’t like cashew chicken?

Cashews are high in saturated fat, but they also make for a great carb and protein intake!





A few unfortunate people might need to stay clear from these tasty nuts because of allergic reactions, but the rest of us that can enjoy them…wow! This isn’t only a very nutritious nut (peanut butter was originally created as a protein supplement) but it’s probably the number one celebrity in the nut world. If you need to obtain you’re daily dose of healthy fats this is your nut!






Pistachio is a distant cousin of the cashew nut, but it is widely recognized for its distinctive green color. Thought to be originated from the Middle East, pistachios have been consumed for millennia. They are very common salty snacks, but they are widely used in Middle Eastern cuisine; especially as dessert ingredients. How can we not mention pistachio ice cream? Pistachios are poor in cholesterol and sodium, and they are rich in proteins and potassium!



Turkish pistachios


Turkish pistachios are very similar to their regular counterparts, but they are widely recognized for their distinctive flavor and characteristic aroma. Because of their stark taste, Turkish pistachios are absolutely perfect when roasted and salted to perfection, and this is exactly how we do it.

Pistachios are poor in cholesterol and sodium, and they are rich in proteins and potassium!


Watermelon seeds


Many people enjoy the freshness and the taste of watermelon, but eating its seeds is not as popular. In spite of this, roasted watermelon seeds aren’t only extremely delicious, but they are rich in minerals and nutrients. Watermelon seeds are great natural iron and calcium integrators!



Sunflower seeds


Roasted sunflower seeds are a very nutritious and healthy way to add some tasty crunchiness to your dishes. Try them in salads, pasta or in pies… and why not munch on them as a snack? These seeds are a great source of iron and calcium.



Squash seeds


Squash seeds are a fairly typical seasonal snack in the United States and in many other countries, but in Mexico, they are one of the highlights of the local cuisine and they are commonly used to add some crunchiness to moles or other dishes.



Pumpkin seeds


Pumpkin seeds are very tasty and most of all, they are the best natural iron supplements that you could ever get your hands on. Much like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds are versatile and they work well with many recipes and desserts.



Egyptian seeds


Egyptian seeds are also known as “Libb” and they are a very popular snack in their home country. It is possible to enjoy them roasted and salted, but locals get very creative adding different combinations of spices and herbs to make for a unique experience for your taste buds!



Garbanzo beans


Garbanzo beans are very popular in the Mediterranean, so much that they are known their Italian name, “Ceci” nuts. Some of us simply call them “Chickpeas” and enjoy them in soups or many other recipes. What people don’t know is that Garbanzo beans make for incredibly savory snacks when roasted and salted. Have a taste!


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